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SNFU (Vancouver Canada) + Support


The history of Punk in Canada let alone the World can\t be told without the mention of these 4 letters SNFU. From their founding in 1981 by lead singer Mr.Chi Pig and brother\s Marc and Brent Belke, the band has broken up and reformed numerous times, each time gaining more and more loyal fans along the way eager to share the gospel of SNFU with the next generation. After nearly 10 full length albu ms, numerous EP\s and splits and several worldwide tours, the undisputed legends have more than staked their claim in the Canadian, not to mention global punk rock history books. Based in Vancouver, Canada, the band currently consists of Mr. Chi Pig on vocals with 2014 touring line up : Dirty Kurt ( the Real Mckenzies ) Randy Steffes ( Gorilla Gorilla ) Adrian White ( Strapping young Lad, Front Line Assembly ) and welcome back Mr Dave \Bionic\ Bacon (1985–1987, 2014–present) www.facebook.com Eintritt: 10.00 € , Eintritt VVK: 8.00 €  , Open: 20:30 , Start: 21:30 Empfehlen


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